Month: February 2015


That’s what creating a social media footprint feels like sometimes. I woke up one day and said I know what I love to do and I want to sell it on The Internet…how hard can that be? Naive thought #1

Trust me when I say it’s harder than it seems…it is a constant effort to make sure you are posting relevant content and pictures that will capture peoples attention if only for a moment as they scroll rather quickly through their social media streams. Hashtags have been created to find new followers, but although they may “like” a picture you post, that doesn’t necessarily make them a follower. The real challenge is to get them to follow you, and more importantly get them to “follow through” and go to you website to become a potential client. It may seem like this is a natural flow, but trust me it is not!

I have also started to follow many social media experts like @lisamckenzie @socialmedia2dayHello Name Tag Sticker on White @kimgarst @jerryCytryn in the hopes or grasping information that will shed light on this whole new experience…I try and learn from their experience and their wisdom..but the highway I travel seems to always have detours, roadwork, traffic and is always congested with many obstacles along the way.Detour





My passion is to create, and whether I am creating for an individual to tell their story, or having fun creating journals for corporate individual or just good o’l fashioned entrepreneurs….I know there is a place for me in the world wide web! There seems to be spot for so many other, why not me?

And so I continue this journey, I will continue to throw myself into the media storm, and with all the courage I can muster, I will keep moving forward! One step at time!


Have an awesome weekend!


OK, we get it…winter is here, and doesn’t seem to want to leave us! It’s freezing outside and no matter how hard we try and warm up, just when we do, it’s time to go back outside and are quickly reminded of our below 0 temperatures. Ice cream, popsicles, Vodka, TV Dinners, Polar Bears, Penguins…all good with winter! Humans, still trying to understand why we live in this ridiculous climate!winter, freezing, cold

I think this cute picture someone posted on facebook really said it all! It was fun at the beginning, but by golly we have just about had enough!! Cold weather makes us think about spring (which will eventually come) and it makes us feel like we need a fresh start! Found this lovely blog about having the winter blues and how redecorating or even planning to redecorate can make us feel better!

Maybe it’s adding new inspirational art into our office or work space, or some relaxing sentiments to help us sleep! Either way, it’s time to beat those winter blues! Because, like the song says,”

I guess for now, we just have to bundle, snuggle, wrap, swathe, huddle, and know spring is just around the corner!! That’s what keeps me going!! One day at a time, one snowstorm at at time!


cold, montreal, freeze,

Ok, it’s frick’n COLD outside!