Spring is around the corner, snow is melting, sun is shining, and we are all starting to have a little more bounce in our steps. It is the time for spring-clean ups, and time to get organized all over again! It is time to de-clutter, start a new list of what we want to accomplish, review what we have done, right or wrong and what can we do to move forward to better ourselves, our lives, and our existence. I am famous as anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am obsessed with agenda’s! (Purses and wallets too, but that’s a whole other blog!!) I love feeling that I am organized, that I am able to start a new list, make a plan for the weeks ahead and make myself accountable that I have done them. If I look behind and see what I have not accomplished, I go through the steps of asking myself why not? What do I need to do to make sure that all my designated goals are set? Lists are good for setting goals in business, who are the people I need to target..what venues of Social Media do I need to focus my time, attention, and how can I get more people to link to my website….

Content marketing, I hear so much about this? What is it really? This is how it is defined by the Content Marketing Institute:: “Content marketingis the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action action” .Jun 6, 2012

Seems easy enough? I guess I have always been a visual learner, so basically I need pictures! (Thanks   )


I understand all the concepts, I share a lot of imagery, product, try not to make it a constant sell +sell = sell feeling.. Somedays it almost feels like I need a break, someone to nibble on a product and share it to their audience. It just takes a moment, there is so much product out there, why can’t PoetArt have a crumb that falls from the pie? Not asking a lot…just a crumb? Like I have always said, building this business took a leap of faith, it took courage to walk away from everything and gamble on myself. Although I still find myself singing when I am alone in my car, I often pause during the day to sit down with myself and ask…was this the right decision? To soon to give up…to soon to call it for now, I will just continue to sing in my car when I am alone, and hope that this decision was the right one!



We are destined to be a place, at a certain time for a reason. You cannot understand it, but there is a reason for everything. My favorite example, I was living in London Ontario going to University. My future husband to be was living in Calgary Alberta. I came back to Montreal to visit family over Christmas break, and he came to Montreal to visit friends. Rockland shopping center had just opened, I was on my way with my friend “Bruce”. My dog had to be walked, there was traffic, we had to find a parking space…blah blah blah..all that to say, I ended up finding the one parking space left near the food court entrance. As I was walking in…my “now husband” was walking out after a long day of shopping. (we had known each other from High School, but life had for many years taken us on different paths) He saw me and called out my name! “Lisa!! …remember me, David from old Chomedey days” We chatted briefly, caught up in the few minutes we had and went on our merry ways. He walked away, called his mother told her he had met the woman he was going to marry! The rest as they say is history! That was almost 30 years ago!

This has led to my absolute belief in fate. It is not a coincidence that you are at a store, or in a building and you bump into someone. It is meant to happen and these are all pivots in our lives. It is the moment your life takes an alternate route! No encounter or chance meeting is a mistake. It is a moment that was meant to happen.

The road to rediscover myself has had it’s challenges, and self contemplation, and re evaluation of my life and my wants and needs. Everything happens for a reason, we are all not put on this earth by chance. The friends we have, the family we are lucky enough to be apart of, are all part of a bigger plan.

Everything happens

So enjoy the ride, the glass is always half full, and hopefully it’s a good glass of wine!



That’s what creating a social media footprint feels like sometimes. I woke up one day and said I know what I love to do and I want to sell it on The Internet…how hard can that be? Naive thought #1

Trust me when I say it’s harder than it seems…it is a constant effort to make sure you are posting relevant content and pictures that will capture peoples attention if only for a moment as they scroll rather quickly through their social media streams. Hashtags have been created to find new followers, but although they may “like” a picture you post, that doesn’t necessarily make them a follower. The real challenge is to get them to follow you, and more importantly get them to “follow through” and go to you website to become a potential client. It may seem like this is a natural flow, but trust me it is not!

I have also started to follow many social media experts like @lisamckenzie @socialmedia2dayHello Name Tag Sticker on White @kimgarst @jerryCytryn in the hopes or grasping information that will shed light on this whole new experience…I try and learn from their experience and their wisdom..but the highway I travel seems to always have detours, roadwork, traffic and is always congested with many obstacles along the way.Detour





My passion is to create, and whether I am creating for an individual to tell their story, or having fun creating journals for corporate individual or just good o’l fashioned entrepreneurs….I know there is a place for me in the world wide web! There seems to be spot for so many other, why not me?

And so I continue this journey, I will continue to throw myself into the media storm, and with all the courage I can muster, I will keep moving forward! One step at time!


Have an awesome weekend!


OK, we get it…winter is here, and doesn’t seem to want to leave us! It’s freezing outside and no matter how hard we try and warm up, just when we do, it’s time to go back outside and are quickly reminded of our below 0 temperatures. Ice cream, popsicles, Vodka, TV Dinners, Polar Bears, Penguins…all good with winter! Humans, still trying to understand why we live in this ridiculous climate!winter, freezing, cold

I think this cute picture someone posted on facebook really said it all! It was fun at the beginning, but by golly we have just about had enough!! Cold weather makes us think about spring (which will eventually come) and it makes us feel like we need a fresh start! Found this lovely blog about having the winter blues and how redecorating or even planning to redecorate can make us feel better!

Maybe it’s adding new inspirational art into our office or work space, or some relaxing sentiments to help us sleep! Either way, it’s time to beat those winter blues! Because, like the song says,”

I guess for now, we just have to bundle, snuggle, wrap, swathe, huddle, and know spring is just around the corner!! That’s what keeps me going!! One day at a time, one snowstorm at at time!


cold, montreal, freeze,

Ok, it’s frick’n COLD outside!


As 2014 comes to an end, it is always a good time to reflect on our past year. Look at all that we have accomplished and are proud of, look at all our mistakes to make sure we don’t repeat, and all our family and friends who we can cherish for another year. For me it was a year of resolutions. Of making a statement, preparation, and follow through. Of course all new journeys are never easy, and the road can be bumpy and rough. But with the right car, right attitude, and a good map by your side, there is no reason not to get to your final destination. I am lucky enough to have a husband who believes in me, and all my dreams. His support through the frustrating and often self doubting times has really shown his true colours. (Not easy for him as he is colour blind! LOL) Together almost 29 years – 4 kids – 9 moves (yup…at one point there was a moving truck pulling up to our house every July!) we have stood side by side – good and bad – ups and downs – dreams and nightmares! Looking back, there is no other journey I would have taken, and no other person I would continue to take this journey with!


My family is my life. Being with my kids, helps me breathe! There are priceless moments that only confirm each day why I exist…everything else outside of family…is a bonus. An extra gift we are given which helps us  continue to appreciate and cherish all the special moments in our lives. We can look at all the milestones in our lives and be grateful.  I am thankful everyday for my health – and my family & friends.

family bw

Moving forward into 2015 – I am hopeful that the paths my kids have chosen are the right ones. That they get the privilege of doing what they love, and that they are loved. That they are always true to themselves, and are appreciated. That they wake up everyday thankful for another day, another chance to grow into the person they are meant to be.  I am hopeful that that my new business venture will grow to be something where I can continue to create products and personalized art on a larger scale – all the while being true to myself. I look forward to a year of celebrations, and travel with my family as we head out west to celebrate my nieces wedding in Vancouver. The days and weeks fly into years, and we find ourselves at new junctions on the road of life. I am hopeful we are all on the right path…and that 2015 will be the year to be remembered..the year to reflect on..the year we get to always raise our glasses high and say “CHEERS!”

See you next year!


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The Social Media highway is often difficult to navigate on, one must constantly remember to post on all avenues, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, I missing any?

socialmedia, marketing, entrepeneur


It’s not only the challenge of remembering to post..but what will you post? How can my 0.5 hundredth of a second in your feed catch your attention. Enough that you will look at it, like it, and answer my prayers and “Share” it?? Is it too much to ask? At the end of the day, I am just trying to build my business, find people who will be interested in my products outside of my family and immediate friends. While I am eternally grateful for their financial support and interest, the real test it all the people on the Worldwide web…where are those customers? I watch podcasts, and follow Social Media Guru…and try and be creative and interesting…but am I? One day at a time, be patient, it will all come…that is what I keep telling myself! As we approach the end of 2014, I have learnt a lot about myself on this most interesting journey. I am finally being “True to who I am” and going after my long desired dream! Creating, and working with people for both customized art, and one of a kind hand painted Journals and day timers. Painted, dirty – goopy, hands = happy hands!! Happy Hands = Incredibly Happy Person!! (That would be me!)

Here’s to 2015. To the challenge of the build, the excitement of the growth, and the celebration of doing what you love every day!

Cheers & always remember to “Embrace the Journey!”

Embrace the Journey


Now I know what that expression “You’ve come a long way baby!” means.

I have really come a long way, from the days of me telling myself that this was a business that I believed in with all my heart and soul, and how much I loved the creative process. I have tried over and over again to fit into jobs that have promised me it would serve as an outlet for my creativity. Only to be frustrated and angry at myself that I had fallen in the same rabbit hole, over and over again.

Since I have made the commitment to re birth PoetArt Designs, I actually find myself dancing and singing to myself when I am alone. ( I guess that is the truest meaning of inner happiness I can think of) I have begun to produce samples of my work and have taken it to craft shows for exposure all the while building up (slowly) my Social Media presence. Today I hit a milestone and actually created my very first online “Etsy” shop. “One small step for man….one giant leap for mankind” as they say! This is a huge…maybe Gigantic step for me… Welcome to my journey…welcome to the songs that play in my head!

studio space

Studio all set up…paints are lined up and ready to go!

web banner 840x420

Sample made from Hand painted wine boxes – Personalized Art – Hand Painted Journals and Daytimers

Let the fun begin.



Reviving a Great Business Idea…

I had started a business so many years ago, than got preoccupied with Life! How is it that life can so easily interrupt your plans and your motivation to move forward? So I guess I put it on the back burner and now after many years and finally realizing I am a round peg trying to put myself into a square hole…I believe I need to create my own job rather than working for people and always realizing it is not what I want! I have decided to be true to myself and pursue my real passions…ART! I have also always believed that with so much art out there….my art can find a place…can find someone who loves it..can become a business( small as it is….it can still become a business!)
I have decided to write this blog (learning that too!) to record my journey, the start of something. My trials and tribulations, my blood sweat and tears along the way..and hopefully a successful happy ending! Happy ending where you can say “dreams really do come true, and I have finally accomplished what I set out so long ago to pursue!”
I will let you know if I can say that sentence and breath a sigh of relief.
But not yet….first as with all things…we start at the beginning!
Welcome to my journey, my story!

Poetart Peek