Reviving a Great Business Idea…

I had started a business so many years ago, than got preoccupied with Life! How is it that life can so easily interrupt your plans and your motivation to move forward? So I guess I put it on the back burner and now after many years and finally realizing I am a round peg trying to put myself into a square hole…I believe I need to create my own job rather than working for people and always realizing it is not what I want! I have decided to be true to myself and pursue my real passions…ART! I have also always believed that with so much art out there….my art can find a place…can find someone who loves it..can become a business( small as it is….it can still become a business!)
I have decided to write this blog (learning that too!) to record my journey, the start of something. My trials and tribulations, my blood sweat and tears along the way..and hopefully a successful happy ending! Happy ending where you can say “dreams really do come true, and I have finally accomplished what I set out so long ago to pursue!”
I will let you know if I can say that sentence and breath a sigh of relief.
But not yet….first as with all things…we start at the beginning!
Welcome to my journey, my story!

Poetart Peek

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