Now I know what that expression “You’ve come a long way baby!” means.

I have really come a long way, from the days of me telling myself that this was a business that I believed in with all my heart and soul, and how much I loved the creative process. I have tried over and over again to fit into jobs that have promised me it would serve as an outlet for my creativity. Only to be frustrated and angry at myself that I had fallen in the same rabbit hole, over and over again.

Since I have made the commitment to re birth PoetArt Designs, I actually find myself dancing and singing to myself when I am alone. ( I guess that is the truest meaning of inner happiness I can think of) I have begun to produce samples of my work and have taken it to craft shows for exposure all the while building up (slowly) my Social Media presence. Today I hit a milestone and actually created my very first online “Etsy” shop. “One small step for man….one giant leap for mankind” as they say! This is a huge…maybe Gigantic step for me… Welcome to my journey…welcome to the songs that play in my head!

studio space

Studio all set up…paints are lined up and ready to go!

web banner 840x420

Sample made from Hand painted wine boxes – Personalized Art – Hand Painted Journals and Daytimers

Let the fun begin.



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